Jak zrobić zamówienie?


At top of website (1) you can change language, delivery country and currency (EUR, USD, GBP)


Please add product to basket. If you click green button you will proceed to cart (2)



Next please click FORWARD (3)




In next step please choose one of 3 options:
*REGISTER (4) - create an account
*ORDER WITHOUT REGISTRATION (5) - making an order without registering an account
*SIGN IN (6) - sign in to your account already created



Next please choose method of payment (7): paymants cards, PayPal or bank transfer and click NEXT (8)




Please check your billing and delivery address (9) and if they are correct, click ORDER WITH OBLIGATION TO PAY (10)




Then will appear small window, please click MAKE A PAYMENT (11)




Now should open a new browser tab with the website online payment eService or PayPal.

Regarding payment through PayPal below is a guide - payment by cards (12)






Please login to your account (13) and next click (14) Current orders - tracking and payments




Next please click (15) more...




Please click (16) pay again or (17) select different payment method


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